Orbit One has developed a unique solution that allows you to track and analyse “unhandled exceptions” in the code of web applications. “Unhandled exceptions” are problems that are not supposed to happen.
No system is perfect and environmental changes as well as different types of clients devices (browsers) can result in small issues.
You can make a friendly error page that explains the user an issue has happened, and invite him to try his action again.
If the problem remains, the user can click on a link and send an email to your support.
This email contains the unique reference number of the issue.
Your development team can monitor and fix the issues as soon as possible.
All issues are centralized in a database, allowing your team to quickly find detailed information about the problem.
This unique solution allows you to be efficient and provide high quality web applications.


You can find more information, the code, documentation and ready to use installers on Codeplex.