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When importing data in Dynamics CRM 4.0 there is no client side code triggered, so to make sure you get phonenumbers (or anything else for that matter) in a clean format, you might want to consider creating a plugin that runs server side and generates an import failure to let the customer know some data is not valid in his imports.

This way the user knows when something went wrong and the correct data will still be imported.

To make this plugin work there is the issue of the country prefixes and areacodes that exist. Therefore it is necessary to create two new entities: Country and AreaCode.

The Country entity needs to contains the telephone prefix of that country (eg: belgium = 32, Netherlands = 33 …)

The AreaCode is contains a link to the country entity and contains the phone areacode. (eg: 9 for Ghent, Belgium …)

Ones this data is in CRM we can use it in our plugin through the webservice.

In the end the phonenumbers will be formatted in an outlook compatible format.

eg: +32 (9) 265.74.20

When using the installer inside the project on CodePlex the plugin will be registered for the create and update messages for lead, account and contact.


You can find the plugin on CodePlex in our Dynamics CRM 4.0 Plugins project


Why do I need it?

We’ve noticed the CRM Duplicate detection doesn’t allow for much creativity, you can only create Duplicate Detection Rules with the following condition:

  • full string match
  • begins with (number of characters)
  • ends with (number of characters)

The problem with this is that people or companies aren’t always entered in the same format. For instance if you look at our company name we would create the account with the name "Orbit One". Other people might write "Orbit One BVBA" (the bvba part is a type of business entity)
There are some other examples that come to mind:
"Dell NV" vs "Dell"
"HP Belgium" vs "HP"
"Gaëtan" vs "Gaetan"
"François" vs "Francois"
These exceptions will never be caught by the default CRM Duplicate detection.

How can I fix this?

We added the following attributes and filled the with data:

  • on account => new_matchname (contains the accounts name)
  • on contact => new_matchname (contains the contacts first + lastname)
  • on lead => new_matchcontact (contains the leads first+ lastname)
  • on lead => new_matchcompany (contains the lead company name)

The fields are filled with a normalized name. The process is:

  • to lower case and trim.
  • replace special characters (except parenthesis, a-z, 0-9, special characters like éèàç …, and spaces) with empty string.
  • remove everything between the parentheses eg: "HP (was Compaq)" becomes "HP"
  • remove suffixes and prefixes that are type of business entity
  • remove all spaces
  • replace special characters (eg: é > e, à => a, ç => c, ñ => n, …)

Next there need to be some new duplicate detection rules.

  • full string match on new_matchname for contact
  • full string match on new_matchname for account
  • full string match on new_matchcontact for lead (add companyname if needed in your specific cases)

The current implemented type of business entity which will be stripped are:

  • nv
  • sa
  • vzw
  • bvba
  • cvba
  • sarl
  • sprl
  • scrl
  • nvsa
  • bv
  • llc
  • gmbh
  • ltd
  • ag
  • kt
  • og
  • vof
  • cvoa
  • commva
  • commv
  • ebvba
  • ez
  • belgium

Duplicate Detection Jobs

In CRM you can add duplicate detection jobs by going to Settings > Data Management > Duplicate detection jobs


Create a new Duplicate detection job for for instance accounts. Make sure you filter on only active records. When you merge a duplicate record the record that isn’t the master record will be placed on inactive. So if you forget this filter you’ll keep getting the same duplicates 😉

Once the job ran, you can see the duplicates entries.


What we think is another major pain in the a$$ is that you can only merge 2 records at a time. So not really in bulk… Maybe we will come up with a solution for this later 🙂


You can find the Matchname plugin on CodePlex. There is an installer include so that you don’t need to worry about the plugin registration, creating the steps, …. More on this on CodePlex.